Daytime Parking in front of the Hotel:

Weekdays – limited to 2 hours between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:30 pm

Weekends – unlimited parking during the day

Nighttime Parking in front of the Hotel:   Not Allowed

All hotel guests are required to have a parking permit and park in City Parking Lots overnight.

We have provided a mirror hanging parking permit for your use during your stay.

NOTE: The City of St Johns police will ticket any vehicle violating the time limited daytime parking and any vehicle parking overnight in front of the hotel.

There are two City lots located close to the hotel. Please refer to the map below for assistance in locating a City Parking Lot. Hang the mirror parking permit inside your vehicle on your rear-view mirror. Please remember to return the parking permit to this suite before you leave. We need the parking permit for the next guest to use.

NOTE: If you do not return the parking permit you will be charged the prorated fee to replace it.  ($75.00 annual fee) Thank you in advance for your cooperation in returning the parking permit for the next guest’s use.